Managers look to retrain to find jobs

A quarter of managers plan to develop transferable skills or get a new qualification this year, a survey has revealed.

A study of 1,200 workers by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) found that nearly 25% wanted to retrain or pick up new skills to help them find a new job. A similar number were updating their CVs in preparation for a job search.

The CMI said the results showed many workers were preparing for “inevitable” redundancy. Ruth Spellman, CMI chief executive, said: “Quite clearly, any suggestion that there is already ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ is misplaced. However, if we can help people to dig deep and develop their skills this may enable them to move forwards as well as to move on.”

The employers’ body, which runs a redundancy helpline for organisations and staff, also reported there had been little calls from employers about managing the survivors of redundancy.

“Unless these individuals are given a focus or sense of direction, the spiral of low productivity and morale will continue on a downward trend,” Spellman said.

Earlier this month the CMI called on the government to offer tax relief to businesses who provided training opportunities for staff.

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