Mazda’s UK management team learns leadership

The UK subsidiary of car maker Mazda is running a leadership development programme for its entire management team.

Designed by management school Roffey Park, the six-day programme is helping Mazda’s 30 most senior executives to enhance their personal effectiveness and to improve the capability of their teams.

“This is the first development initiative we have run for our managers,” said Jemma MacLean, HR manager at Mazda. 

“The programme helps each person to develop their own leadership style and to use strategic tools to improve their performance and that of others. It encourages them to apply their thinking to their work and commit to an action plan to further their development,” she said.

Two groups of 15 managers are working through the programme, which features three modules: strategic leadership, developing individual performance and leading through personal effectiveness. 

The first module ran in July, the second runs in October and the third will run in January 2006.

“It is not often that our entire management team gets to spend time together outside of work. Getting them away from the office has helped them to improve their working relationships and to focus on their learning,” MacLean added.

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