Nutty 13-year strike comes to an end

Striking workers at a factory in California have voted to bring their 13-year walkout to an end.

The 600 members of the Teamsters Local 601 union went on strike at a walnut processing plant in September 1991 in a dispute over pay.

They have now ratified a new five-year contract, clearing the way for their return to work at the Diamond of California plant, according to BBC Online.

However, most of the workers have now found jobs elsewhere, and the union has admittedd that they are unlikely to return. The company has also filled most of their old positions, or replaced them with automated processes.

Nevertheless, each striking member of staff is now being given 10 days to respond to letters enquiring if they want to return.

“I think it was worth it in that we did accomplish something,” said the union.

The 1991 walkout had its origins back in 1985 when staff at the Diamond plant in Stockton agreed to a 30% reduction in wages during tough times for the company.

Both the union and the workers expected staff to be repaid as the company’s finances improved, but in 1991 they were only offered a 10 cents-an-hour raise, and a bonus package.


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