October set to be the busiest month ever for new discount scheme launches

Asperity Employee Benefits will have its busiest month ever for launches of its Reward Gateway employee discounts schemes.  With an eye on enabling employees to make significant savings on shopping in the run up to Christmas, many employers see October or the early part of November as an excellent time to either launch a scheme for the first time or revamp an existing discounts offer.

About 60% of the schemes were new entirely to the organisation and about 40% involved a change of provider.

In either case, George Farrow, Service Delivery Director at Asperity said “employers clearly understand the value of a discounts scheme giving staff the opportunity to save substantial amounts at a time of year when household finances come under real pressure”. 

Analysis of previous years showed that the key offers for 2009 are likely to be electrical goods, supermarket savings and mobile phones pre-Christmas, with an emphasis on savings in utilities, holidays and insurances in the first couple of months of 2010.

Farrow said that Asperity had been preparing for a very busy autumn all year and it was satisfying to see so many vibrant schemes being launched to employees.  “2010 looks equally good.  The return on investment that employers see on a well-used discounts scheme, with tax-efficient benefits, makes sense to HR, finance and employees”.


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