Outright smoking ban is set to choke free will in society

 Why must smokers be persecuted in such a fashion? (Off Message, Personnel Today, 6 September).

I think it is a disgraceful state of affairs that MPs want to ban smoking in all workplaces, with the government cowing to the mouthy minority supporting an all-out smoking ban.

We are in real danger of becoming a nanny state where the free will of the people goes out of the window when the shouting starts.
Why aren’t people prepared to accept compromise – such as allowing smoking in food-free pubs?

If it was about health, then should we expect a total ban on cars and barbecues as well, as these both also create noxious, harmful fumes? Of course not.

I’m not a smoker myself – just someone who respects free will and allowing adults to make decisions for themselves in this ‘free’ society.
Jonathan Frodsham
Client liaison
Peninsula Business Services

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