Public sector pay freeze justified

I could not believe the gall of PPMA president Stephen Moir (‘Pay freeze plan risks public sector unrest’, Personnel Today, 24 February),.

Public sector workers enjoy gold–plated final salary pensions, retirement at 60, flexi–time, and other perks. Rather than what Moir suggests, it should be public sector jobs that are frozen until private sector salaries catch up.

The real fact is that HR jobs in the public sector are offering far more money than private sector companies these days and are acting as magnets to my private sector HR colleagues a recent job advert for head of HR at a southern based local authority gave the salary at £120,000 – way above market rates.

My colleagues say they want to move sectors and do alot less for much more money without facing redundancy, pay freezes, or even performance management.

I challenge Moir to tell us how much his salary is and then Personnel Today’s readers will be able to decide if he is paid ‘modestly for what he does’ as he claims.

Lee Williams, details supplied

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