RightCoutts lands £80m deal to manage MoD exit strategy

The Ministry of Defence has signed an £80m 10-year deal with consultancy RightCoutts for the management of its exit programme for staff.

The Career Transition Partnership (CTP) exists to support exiting service personnel and ease them back into civilian life, offering career advice, interview support skills and competency training.

Ninety five per cent of those leaving the Armed Forces, who use the CTP, have been successful in finding employment within six months.

Under the contract, the CTP will provide resettlement support for up to 17,000 Service personnel who leave each year.

Commodore Annette Picton, director of resettlement for the Ministry of Defence, said: “The exit strategy provided by the CTP is recognised worldwide as a gold standard for the help it offers military personnel.

“It is also an important means for the Ministry of Defence to ensure that we can still attract the best people, and offer them all the support and advice they require to readjust to civilian life following their military service.”

Service leavers will be able to access the scheme up to two years before they exit the forces, and then for a further two years afterwards, ensuring that they are satisfied with their new employment and are maximising their potential in civilian life.

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