RMT condemns more than 700 job cuts by rail manufacturer

The RMT union has condemned the axing of more than 700 train-making jobs by rail manufacturing company Bombardier, and called for government action to prevent “the death of the British train-making industry”.

The company is to shed 560 jobs in Derby, with 165 more to go at Ilford, and a further 23 elsewhere in the UK.

RMT general secretary, Bob Crow, said: “This is another massive blow to British manufacturing, and we are now facing the bleak prospect of there being no train-making capacity left in Britain at all.

“It is nothing short of insane to see British workers’ train-building skills thrown down the drain while contracts for new trains for the Northern and Kent rail franchises are being exported to China and Japan.”

Julia Long, the T&G union officer representing union members at the Bombardier’sDerby site, said that there was relief at the plant that the feared news of closure had not materialised, and that the company would continue a programme of refurbishment at the plant.

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