Seven million workers in UK are unhappy with their job

A quarter of working Brits, more than seven million people, are disillusioned with their jobs, a report has found.

A study commissioned by recruitment referral company, and conducted by research firm YouGov, found that one in three Londoners are trapped in jobs they hate, the highest out of all other UK regions.

For those people working in the North and South of England, the number of unhappy workers drops to 27% and 24% respectively, and 22% of people living in Scotland.

Workers in the Midlands and Wales are happiest, with about two in 10 people citing unhappiness at work.

YouGov also found that more than one in three recruitment companies admit to having appointed someone who doesn’t match a job role just to fill a post.
Kristian Hall, chief executive of, said: “Finding a job is not just a question of impressing a potential employer. Applicants should also vet the employer to see whether the role they are applying for will actually suit them.
“Employers want to attract the most talented staff, which can often make people focus on just selling their company rather than wondering whether their applicants are right for the role or the company ethos. People who are content in their jobs work harder, do better and feel happier. It’s that simple. You spend a huge chunk of your time at work, so why sit in a job you hate?” said Hall.

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