Survey shows Brits are prone to go off ‘sick’

workers are happy to ‘throw a sickie’ to redress their work-life balance,
according to a new survey.

‘sickie’ has become a staple of British culture, with almost a third of
respondents admitting to having called in sick when too tired or hung over,
according to Lloyds TSB Insurance.

poll of more than 2,000 people found that women are more likely than men to
take time off after a heavy night out (42 per cent of women compared with 35
per cent of men).

research seems to contradict employers’ claims that people work long hours by
choice, with 40 per cent claiming they have taken a sick day to catch up on
personal administration at home.

Loney, managing director of Lloyds TSB Insurance, said: "British workers
are obviously feeling under pressure as long hours and less job security take
their toll, and are seeking ways to put the odds in their favour."

ways British workers tackle their work-life balance issues:

More than half of British workers (52 per cent) admit to dipping into the
office stationary supplies from time to time.
● 10 per cent have claimed for things they shouldn’t have on their
● Two-thirds (61 per cent) will not hesitate to use their workstation
during office hours to sort out their personal life.
● Well over a third (36 per cent) have planned a holiday during work
● Nearly half (46 per cent) have organised a night out during work hours.

Michael Millar

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