Transitioning at work: Aoife Martin talks to Oven-Ready HR

Photo: Aiofe Martin

This powerful, moving and uplifting interview on Oven-Ready HR shines a light on the extraordinary journey and bravery shown by Aoife Martin.

Her vivid description of her journey to become the first person globally in her organisation to transition exudes warmth, generosity and wisdom. It provides a blueprint for HR professionals, and those in the wider organisation, on how to support individuals who are considering transitioning. More importantly, the interview provides a stark warning that transphobia remains embedded in both society and the workplace and that vigilance is required to ensure hard-won rights are not reversed.

Since then, Aoife’s given numerous talks and interviews about being transgender in Ireland today.  She’s passionate about educating people around transgender issues and believes it’s only by sharing her experience that she can make a difference and change people’s perceptions.

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