Transport for London launches scheme to encourage businesses to help staff use more sustainable ways of commuting

A new scheme to encourage businesses to help their staff leave their cars at home, save money, and reduce their impact on the environment, has been launched by Transport for London (TfL).

‘Enterprise’ has been set up by TfL to help small- and medium-sized businesses across the capital establish workplace travel plans, which encourage more sustainable ways of travelling to and from work, and help to tackle global warming through reducing the levels of emissions produced by car use.

There are a number of schemes businesses can put in place to reduce car use, which includes flexible working hours, working from home, promoting car sharing, and encouraging cycling and walking.

TfL offers a range of incentives to help support businesses, including:

  • Advice and assistance from a local travel plan co-ordinator

  • Guidance through each stage of developing a workplace travel plan

  • Incentive packages to promote specific areas of the travel plan, such as providing cycle stands, setting up a car sharing scheme or ways of encouraging more walking to work

  • Marketing merchandise to help promote sustainable transport messages across the business.

Ben Plowden, programme director at TfL, said: “Workplace travel plans are one of the many schemes Transport for London has promoted in recent years to get Londoners to not only walk and cycle more, but also to work flexibly and car-share to work.

“Similar projects with larger businesses have been a huge success in the past and the Enterprise scheme aims to support London’s small and medium sized businesses achieve similar results.”

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