UK workers prepared to relocate to find work

More than three out of four UK workers are willing to relocate to find work, according to a survey by a global recruitment company.

The international workplace survey of 115,000 people in 33 countries, carried out by Kelly Services, found that two in three UK workers were willing to move abroad to find work.

The research also queried how far workers would travel for the right job, with just over half of respondents not willing to spend more than 45 minutes each way commuting to work each day.

Three in 10 respondents would spend 45 to 60 minutes commuting, while 17% are willing to travel for over an hour each way.

Up to 90% of Polish respondents said they were prepared to relocate to another city or country for work, more than any other country.

Steve Girdler, director of marketing at Kelly Services, said there was increasing recognition that people may have to relocate to find the right work, or to advance their career.

“There are many skills that are easily transferable across borders, especially in sectors such as banking and finance, IT, science and engineering,” he said.

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