UK workers struggle to be fully engaged in their work

Less than a third of UK workers are fully engaged at work, a global study has revealed.

The survey of more than 16,500 workers in six countries by HR consultants Right Management found just 29% of UK employees are fully engaged at work. This compares with 47% of workers in Norway, 43% in the US and 38% in Australia.

In the UK, the least satisfied employees are those at junior management level and below. But the study also found that top managers are far from being universally engaged with their organisations.

Fewer than half (47%) of chief executives, managing directors and other board directors are fully engaged, with the remainder demonstrating only partial engagement.

Charles Fair, research director, Europe at Right Management, said: “I would seriously worry about the state of any business where the top people are not fully on board. Not only are directors responsible for managing the company’s performance and direction, they are responsible for ensuring more junior staff are motivated and working productively.”

The study also revealed that the longer a person stays with an organisation the more disengaged they feel.

Three quarters of those who had been with their present employer for five years or more did not feel either satisfied or committed, compared with 57% of those who had been there for less than a year.


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