Union activists face formal discipline after wildcat strikes at Heathrow

British Airways (BA) is to discipline three senior shop stewards behind August’s wildcat strikes at Heathrow.

The three T&G activitsts are alleged to have orchestrated illegal strike action and harassed workers into walking out in support of 670 sacked Gate Gourmet staff.

The probe, led by BA’s barrister Robert Webb QC, found there is a case to be answered by all three. A suitable punishment is being decided upon. They have the opportunity to present any mitigating evidence, and appeal the ruling and any punishment.

Webb is understood to have informed BA’s board of the decision to formally discipline the three late last week, according to the Daily Mail.

More than 1,000 BA baggage handlers, cargo workers and bus drivers joined the strike. The trio have never been named. Two are suspended on full pay while a third remains at work.

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