Work experience the favoured route for graduate recruitment

Despite the ever-growing number of methods of recruiting graduates, the traditional route of work experience remains the best way to get the top talent.

More than 120 graduate recruiters, whose organisations collectively employed over 11,000 graduates in the past 12 months, were surveyed for the AGR/Barkers National Graduate Media Audit.

Work experience or internships were voted the most successful effective medium for recruiting graduates, with online methods featuring heavily in the top 10.

Online job ads are now more popular than campus recruitment drives. These two methods of recruitment are second and third most popular among graduate recruiters after work experience.

Further research by the AGR shows that engineering & science and humanities students all rate the BBC as their ideal employer.

Business students chose PricewaterhouseCoopers as their first choice, with the BBC coming in third.

The main career goal of new graduates across the three disciplines was to be able to balance their personal lives with their careers, according to the survey.

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