Electronic cigarettes, commonly known as “e-cigarettes”, are battery-powered products that release a visible vapour that contains liquid nicotine that is inhaled by the user. E-cigarettes fall outside the scope of the smoke-free legislation.

While some employers may allow employees to use e-cigarettes in the workplace, many will prefer to ban them, typically in their smoking policy, and inform employees that their use will result in disciplinary action.

Pandemic leads to increase in ‘stress smoking’

More than half of smokers are ‘stress smoking’ or smoking more because of extra strain brought on by the Covid-19...

Sixteen per cent of adults could have an eating disorder

6 Jan 2021

One in five women and one in eight men screened positive for a possible eating disorder in 2019, recently published...

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Workplace smoking ban 10 years on: Common employer queries

4 Jul 2017

On 1 July 2007, England introduced a ban on smoking in enclosed public places, including most workplaces. Ten years on,...

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E-cigarettes in the workplace: an employer’s guide to vaping

30 May 2017

In July 2007, England introduced its smoking ban, following the rest of the UK in banning the use of cigarettes...

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HR questions in february were dominated by issues around e-cigarettes

Top 10 HR questions in February 2015: E-cigarettes

3 Mar 2015

E-cigarettes and smoking policies were on employers’ minds last month, with the first tribunal decision involving disciplinary action for using...

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Vaping e-cigarettes in the workplace is not the same as smoking. Photo: Sarah Alcalay/SIPA/REX

E-cigarettes in the workplace: first vaping tribunal decision is a warning for employers

11 Feb 2015

E-cigarettes in the workplace pose a difficult question for employers...

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E-cigarettes at work: what do the experts say?

27 Nov 2014

Should employers allow the use of electronic cigarettes at work? Deborah Arnott, chief executive of public health charity Action on...

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Man smoking an e-cigarette

Managing the use of e-cigarettes in the workplace

27 Jun 2014

The increasing use of e-cigarettes, which are not covered by the same legislation as tobacco products, means employers may have...

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Woman using an e-cigarette

Legal Q&A: E-cigarettes in the workplace

11 Feb 2014

Victoria Clark, associate at Clarion, answers employers’ questions on how to deal with the use of electronic cigarettes in the...

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Employment law clinic: Smoking breaks in the workplace

14 Oct 2003

By Katherine De Souza, partner and head of employment at Marriott Harrison

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