The HR profession

Career focus: South West

24 Aug 2004

South West riding on a wave of confidence

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Career focus: Northern Ireland

13 Jul 2004

Economic recovery takes root despite troubled past

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How to become an HR guru

29 Jun 2004

Is there a management book inside you? Are you about to hit the conference circuit to talk though your latest theories?

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Career focus: Wales

22 Jun 2004

Economical stability puts Valleys on high

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Across the private-public divide

1 Jun 2004

For John Marsh, group HR and change director at the Home Office, more often than not, the working day begins with controversy

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Career focus: London boroughs

18 May 2004

Get the right balance to appreciate capital living

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Career Focus: North East

20 Apr 2004

Reality check working wonders for North East

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Stepping in to a new role

6 Jan 2004

With secondments becoming part and parcel of the modern workplace, would you be willing to swap roles and try something completely new?

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