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Back to the future of work

4 Oct 2005

After countless predictions of times of change, is the future of work still a permanent job, or more of a half-way house?

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Why HR is right on the button

20 Sep 2005

HR is the most complex and interesting of all managerial disciplines - that's why it goes in for bouts of introspection

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HR message gets through at last

12 Jul 2005

The Workplace Employment Relations Survey (WERS) is quite simply the most authoritative statement on life at work in the UK...

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You should reap what you sow

5 Jul 2005

The origins of human capital management lie in the realisation that investing in people yields greater profit than machines

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Don’t be mad at machines

7 Jun 2005

Britain's economic record of the past five years, unlike our arch-rivals, shows technology really does have a creative streak

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The work-life fallacy

10 May 2005

It seems that women are having second thoughts about the wisdom of working and raising a family

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Throw away the manual

26 Apr 2005

We need to overcome both contempt for new jobs in the service sector and the worship of old-style manufacturing

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Dealing with hard reality

1 Mar 2005

The 'business case' for diversity is a lot more doubtful than campaigners pretend. That still leaves the moral case

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Academic reward in the firing line

23 Nov 2004

Nottingham University is the site of an experiment in performance related pay that could have profound consequences for the life of academics. Stephen Overell reports

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Dear Charles, you were wrong

16 Nov 2004

Were we conned by predictions about the end of work as we know it? An open letter to social philosopher, Charles Handy

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Is HCM dead in the water?

2 Nov 2004

It promised so much, but amounted to so little. The Accounting for People report has simply let the HR profession down

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Staff under the microscope

19 Oct 2004

Eighty years on from the Hawthorne experiments, the secrets of employee motivation remain as mysterious as ever

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Just say no to social work

5 Oct 2004

For the sake of your sanity, the proposal that employers should do more to tackle domestic violence ought to be...

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UK leaves appeals on shelf

21 Sep 2004

Anyone who feels oppressed by the volume of tribunal claims should take a quick look across the English Channel

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Middleman takes centre stage

7 Sep 2004

The trend for outsourcing has created a dramatic increase in ‘middlemania‘ – and it’s a disease that is infecting all...

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