Employers should operate a compulsory retirement age only if it can be justified. For example, employees in some jobs where a high level of fitness or agility is required to undertake the role may be subject to an “employer-justified retirement age” for health and safety reasons.

An employer that does not retain an “employer-justified retirement age” can retire individuals on a case-by-case basis if it can justify them. The employer must ensure that retiring the employee at the particular age is a proportionate means of achieving a legitimate aim. For employees who plan to go voluntarily, the employer should encourage them to discuss their plans, to assist the employer in planning its workforce requirements.

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Employment law in Japan: 10 surprising facts

The traditional Japanese idea of “lifetime employment”, with a full-time employee working for the same employer until retirement, has been...


Minority of employers monitor practices for age discrimination, poll finds

1 Oct 2015

Around nine in ten employers do not monitor whether or not managers are hiring people older than themselves, research by...

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Age discrimination: police officers to appeal against EAT decision on A19 retirement

4 Aug 2015

An appeal has been lodged against the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) ruling that requiring police officers to retire after 30...

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Age discrimination myths and reality: could your organisation get caught out?

24 Jun 2015

XpertHR’s recent webinar on age discrimination covered some of the thorny issues that employers can be reluctant to tackle. Jeya...

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New police officers 'passing out' last week, but when will they retire? Photo: Nils Jorgensen/REX

Age discrimination: EAT considers “A19” forced retirement of police

16 Mar 2015

The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has heard the appeal in a test case against five police forces over the legality...

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Peter Willey, pictured at Lords in 2000, and fellow umpire George Sharp lost their ageism case against the ECB. Photo: Robert Hallam/REX

Tribunal watch: Cricket umpires lose age discrimination case

16 Mar 2015

An employment tribunal has rejected the age discrimination claims brought by two former cricket umpires, who were removed from their...

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Employment law: eight cases to look out for in 2015

12 Dec 2014

We round up eight significant employment law decisions expected in 2015, including legal cases pending on collective redundancy consultation and...

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The employee who was “winding down” to retirement was shocked to have his contract terminated

Tribunal watch: £22,000 award against council following flexible retirement confusion

7 Apr 2014

An employment tribunal has ordered Perth & Kinross Council to pay more than £22,000 to a long-serving employee winding down...

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Older businessman

Preparing for the boom in 60-somethings working longer

13 Mar 2014

As the baby-boomers of the swinging 60s edge towards pension age, often without the desire or the finances to retire,...

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Policeman. Photo: REX/Janine Wiedel

Police forces to appeal against decision that wide use of A19 retirement rule was age discrimination

10 Mar 2014

A weekly round-up of links to stories about employment tribunal rulings reported the previous week. In the week beginning 3...

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Cases in point: guidance on retiring employees

11 Jun 2012

Recent cases reveal the complexity of potential discrimination in the area of age, says John Charlton.Now in its sixth year,...

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Age is not an excuse for under-performance, says pensions minister

3 Apr 2012

Pensions minister Steve Webb has told Personnel Today that employers should not take the approach that it is “inevitable or...

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Concerns expressed over increased retirement age

26 Feb 2012

Physiotherapists are getting increasingly worried about the safety implications of workers, particularly those in the NHS or other physically demanding...

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End of retirement age means more dignified workplaces for older workers

20 Oct 2011

Far from removing the right of older workers to retire with dignity, Dr Matt Flynn believes that the abolition of...

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1 October: employment law changes come into force

30 Sep 2011

1 October 2011 sees the introduction of some key changes to employment law that organisations of all sizes need to be...

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