Financial wellbeing

Coronavirus and Black Lives Matter affecting wellbeing of most staff

The events of 2020, from the coronavirus pandemic to the extent of systemic racism exposed by the Black Lives Matter...

data analysis

Poor data and skills hampering ability of employers to evaluate wellbeing

20 Jul 2020

Employers are being hampered in their ability to assess the effectiveness of wellbeing initiatives by a lack of good quality...

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How can HR address concerns over Covid-19’s impact on pensions?

30 Jun 2020

The coronavirus has impacted not just pay but longer-term investments such as pensions. Naturally employees will have concerns over the...

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Reward and recognition? The future of pay after coronavirus

12 Jun 2020

We want to give key workers a pay rise, while an unprecedented quarter of the UK workforce has had the...

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How can HR help employees with the financial impact of coronavirus?

8 Jun 2020

Personal financial worries could well affect employees' productivity in the months ahead as the economy reels from the pandemic's impact. What can HR do?

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Employers ‘at a loss’ about how best to support staff diagnosed with cancer

4 Jun 2020

One in 10 UK organisations (9%) do not consider it their responsibility to offer financial, practical or emotional support to...

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Two-thirds experiencing disturbed nights and sleep problems during lockdown

4 Jun 2020

The lockdown is having a considerable effect on workers’ sleeping habits, with almost two-thirds (63%) of people reporting that the...

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Acas chief: Why kindness is key at times like these

19 May 2020

Acas chief executive Susan Clews outlines some of the key points from its new mental health guidance and highlights some...

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Woman with laptop and cat

Creating a different kind of workplace

18 May 2020

Mental Health Awareness Week encourages employers to focus on 'kindness' at a time when workers throughout the world are beset by feelings of uncertainty.

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Coronavirus: will it be occupational health rather than the NHS that is overwhelmed post-lockdown?

4 May 2020

As thoughts turn to how the UK can gradually reopen for business post-lockdown, it is becoming all too clear that...

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Financial wellbeing: why the time to act is now (webinar)

29 Apr 2020

ON-DEMAND | Why financial wellbeing is more important than ever and how businesses can create a living and breathing financial wellbeing strategy...

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Coronavirus: Watchdog warns against DB to DC pension transfers

29 Apr 2020

Savers looking to move from a defined benefit (DB) to a defined contribution (DC) pension during the Covid-19 crisis are...

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Maximise use of health and wellbeing benefits available at home, employers urged

22 Apr 2020

Organisations have been urged not to overlook the health and wellbeing benefits available for employees at home, with many providers...

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Just 1% ‘never’ experience work-related stress, finds survey

7 Apr 2020

Just 1% of employees claim never to experience work-related stress, a survey conducted for Stress Awareness Month this month (April)...

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Spain may launch permanent universal basic income

6 Apr 2020

New income system will continue after the coronavirus crisis in the country abates, signals deputy prime minister.

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