Employers' disciplinary rules set standards and make it clear what conduct is and is not acceptable in the workplace. A disciplinary procedure permits employers to deal fairly and consistently with employees who breach the rules and commit misconduct.

The “Acas code of practice on disciplinary and grievance procedures” provides employers with the principles for handling workplace disciplinaries. Employment tribunals will take the code into account when considering relevant cases, with the possibility of a 25% adjustment in any compensation awarded.

Look and learn

8 Feb 2005

What can you do when you suspect an employee is faking their sick leave or stealing company property? Roisin Woolnough finds that it pays to look and learn

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Disclosing misconduct

3 Feb 2005

Are employees, senior or otherwise, under a duty to disclose the misconduct of colleagues or themselves to their employer? Tony Thompson and Rebecca Peedell look at recent cases

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Is suspension without pay always justifiable?

25 Jan 2005

The case of a care home nurse suspended over an allegation of assault proves that employers must make sure they have contractual grounds to withhold pay

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Yule rules for employers

21 Dec 2004

Alarm bells could replace Jingle Bells for employers holding Christmas events this year if they fail to prepare for a number of 'party pitfalls', warns Croner Consulting

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Dishonesty widespread in London businesses

20 Dec 2004

Survey reveals substantial admissions that staff are aware of dishonesty at work

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Leadership style forces job change for Navy commander

17 Dec 2004

A naval officer will not return to command HMS Somerset following an investigation into his management style

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Seven out of 10 UK employers discipline staff over inappropriate images

15 Dec 2004

Almost three-quarters (71 per cent) of UK companies have had to take disciplinary action as a result of employees viewing...

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The 12 myths of Christmas

23 Nov 2004

As Christmas approaches, be wary of the expectations employees may have of your obligations towards them. Andrew Yule, in the litigation team at Withers LLP, explodes 12 Festive Office Myths

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The Seven Deadly Sins of Discipline

16 Nov 2004

The Seven Deadly Sins of Discipline, compiled by employment law specialist Kate Russell, are a sure way to poor staff relations and standards, dismissals backfiring, and even compensation claims totalling tens of thousands of pounds

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Boozy lunch back in favour

27 Oct 2004

Lunchtime drinking is making a comeback, according to a survey by employment law consultancy Peninsula. A third of the 1,300...

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Equal triangle?

1 Jun 2004

Employers need to make small but significant changes to internal processes surrounding discipline, illness and annual leave for temporary workers....

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Where to draw the line

1 Jun 2004

Employers must strike a balance between keeping an eye on poor performance and protecting the employees' rightto privacy if monitoring policies are to work. Liz Hall reports

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