Violence at work

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) defines work-related violence as “any incident in which a person is abused, threatened or assaulted in circumstances relating to work”. This includes verbal abuse and threats, in addition to physical abuse.

Employees in many public-facing roles are at risk of being attacked by customers, while other positions, such as prison officer and police officer, are inherently dangerous. Employers may have a policy on violence at work, which should set out preventative steps and support available to victims.

Domestic violence outside work may also have an impact on employees’ health and wellbeing.


11 Jan 2005

Turk makes fist of good intentions while game clown sets peach of a poser

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News in brief

11 Jan 2005

This week's news in brief

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Courts stores stay closed after threats to staff

3 Dec 2004

Threats to store staff from angry customers who have not recieved goods have prompted administrator KPMG to postpone plans to...

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RMT wants ‘zero-tolerance’ on railway staff abuse

30 Nov 2004

Britain’s biggest rail union has renewed its call for action to stem the increase of attacks on railway staff.As a...

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NHS launches crackdown on verbal abuse towards staff

24 Nov 2004

The NHS has launched a crackdown on verbal attacks on staff in a bid to combat rising levels of abuse....

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Violence in the workplace

23 Nov 2004

What records does an employer need to keep regarding violent incidents in the workplace?

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Taking the fight to the bullies

6 Apr 2004

An initiative from the DTI and the Amicus union aims to help organisations take more proactive approach to dealing with...

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