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HR strategy needs to ‘get real’

9 Feb 2009

Strategy is based on predictions, and I made an erroneous one when I wrote my book HR Strategy back in...

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US practices: overhyped and over here – and over the hill

27 Jun 2008

What should we learn from the Americans? To only ape their very best business and management practices – otherwise, ignore them.

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Evidence-based HR management is the only way forward

23 Apr 2008

For as long as I can remember – 30 years in HR – there have always been regular surveys and...

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Beyond the spin

29 Jun 2004

HR must look past the hype of 'great places to work' and start measuring the people policies that offer a competitive advantage.

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First step towards human capital management

20 Apr 2004

Last week, Paul Kearns looked at the business drivers for human capital management. This week, he shows us how they can be achieved.

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Measure up

13 Apr 2004

In the first of a two-part series on human capital management,Paul Kearns looks at the business case for measuring your 'number one asset'

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