Bogus CV warning for firms as economy stalls

Bogus job applicants looking to catch employers out on discrimination law and so earn themselves money at tribunal are a serious threat to firms as the economy slumps further, legal experts have warned.

Employment judge Jane Liddington told Personnel Today that job cuts in the near future will multiply the numbers of fake candidates who apply for one job with two CVs – one containing information about their minority status, such as being Asian or disabled, and the other avoiding it.

Employers who reject the minority application but accept its more mainstream counterpart can be taken to an employment tribunal for recruitment discrimination, resulting in compensation for up to six months’ of prospective work lost.

Liddington said: “With less jobs available but more people looking and being more aware of their rights, it’s a combination for a perfect storm.”

Nathan Donaldson, partner at law firm Davies Arnold Cooper (DAC), confirmed many employers receive bogus CVs but often discover them only after it’s too late.

“Large employers who get hundreds of CVs for positions are the main targets, and they will get no warning before receiving the claim letter,” he said.

A spokesman for conciliation service Acas said the service had encountered isolated instances but didn’t collect data on it.

Avoiding discrimination pitfalls

  • Use application forms, not CVs, to filter candidates
  • Document the basis on which applicants are rejected
  • Put clear deadlines on job ads

Source: DAC

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