Bradford restaurant chain ordered to pay waiter £12,000 compensation for unfair dismissal

A Bradford restaurant chain has been ordered to pay a waiter £12,000 compensation after an employment tribunal ruled that he had been unfairly dismissed.

The Akbars Restaurant chain must pay former waiter Fiaz Kahn, 21, after the employment tribunal in Bradford heard evidence of serious breaches of employment practice.

Kahn told the tribunal that he had been dismissed after he complained about the practices.

The tribunal accepted his evidence that waiters had their pay deducted for minor disciplinary breaches, that waiters had to pay a customers bill if they left without paying, that tips were not divided equally, and that proper employment contracts were not offered.

After the hearing, a spokesman for the restaurant said they did not have a representative at the hearing because they thought the issue had been resolved.

The spokesman denied all the allegations made against the restaurant.

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