Co-operative Financial Services signs outsourcing agreement with unions

Co-operative Financial Services (CFS) has signed an agreement with its trade unions over future outsourcing deals.

CFS and its unions, Amicus, the Transport and General Workers’ Union (T&G) and the National Association of Co-operative Officials, have agreed an approach to organisational change which might encompass future outsourcing projects.

The principles are designed to provide employees with the reassurance that, if they are affected by any future agreements, processes such as those CFS has used in the outsourcing of work to providers Capita and Xansa will be adhered to.

CFS chief executive David Anderson said: “We have worked very closely with Amicus, the National Association of Co-operative Officials and the T&G to ensure we provide our staff with a level of assurance when part of an outsourcing agreement.

“The principles set out in the agreement are jointly recognised as best practice by all parties and underpin CFS’s values and commitment to corporate social responsibility.”

Hugh Jones Glass, Amicus regional officer, said: “We believe that this agreement with CFS sets a benchmark for managing outsourcing agreements. It ensures that unions are involved in the decision-making process at the earliest possible opportunity, enabling Amicus to influence the outcome of CFS’ discussions with third-party partners.”

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