COA Solutions launches analytics for HR self-service

COA Solutions, an Advanced Computer Software Plc company, is enhancing its human capital management (HCM) portfolio by launching HR self-service analytics functionality.

COA Solutions’ HR self-service system enables authorised managers and employees to ‘self serve’ by accessing and updating human resource (HR) information themselves such as holiday dates, sick leave and training details.

With the new analytics functionality, which is fully-integrated into the HR self-service solution, key employee metrics are provided in a user-friendly, graphical ‘dashboard’ format, such as absence and attendance statistics. These analytics, which are available to all self-service users in real-time, enable greater visibility of key metrics, allowing organisations to more accurately measure and more effectively manage their workforces whilst enhancing employee engagement. Using workflow, analytics reports can be electronically distributed quickly and easily, significantly improving efficiency and data transparency.

Mark Thompson, Managing Director of COA Solutions, says, “In direct response to our customers’ needs, we are pleased to be launching analytics functionality for HR self-service. This delivers key information in an easy-to-understand graphical format to enable the fast dissemination of key employee metrics whilst aiding HR decision making.”

Thompson adds, “This latest launch demonstrates our ongoing commitment to our human capital management portfolio, ensuring customers benefit from the very latest software technologies that refine and streamline their HR processes.”

To find out more about COA Solutions’ HCM systems including the new analytics for HR self-service, visit or call +44 (0)1582 714810.

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