Jaguar teams up with Gorillaz to recruit engineers

Gorillaz guitarist Noodle is Jaguar's ambassador for STEM and its Formula E race team

Jaguar Land Rover has teamed up with Gorillaz to recruit 5,000 staff.

The car firm has developed an augmented reality app to help it select 1,000 electronic and software engineers and 4,000 other staff across all sectors.

RADs 2018

Launching soon

The campaign includes a video to promote the Gorillaz app which invites the viewer into the weird and wonderful universe of the virtual band created by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett.

Applicants go through a two-part selection process involving assembling a Jaguar electric sports car and a series of code-breaking tasks.

Alex Heslop, head of electrical engineering at Jaguar Land Rover, said: “As the automotive industry transforms over the next decade, fuelled by software innovation, we have to attract the best talent and that requires a radical rethink of how we recruit.

“Here we’ve found an engaging way to recruit a diverse talent pool in software systems, cyber systems, app development and graphics performance. It will be the first of its kind.”

Jaguar Land Rover said that the selection challenges put a stronger focus on skills and talents than on qualifications.

Traditional application methods remain open and CVs will be accepted, but Jaguar Land Rover invites potential applicants to download the app and break the codes and solve the problems to fast track their application.

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