Legislation reform Bill green light paves way for blitz on red tape

The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill has received royal assent and become an Act of parliament.

The Act will allow the government to do more to strip away outdated and unnecessary red tape to further reduce burdens on businesses, public and voluntary sectors.

From 8 January 2007, the Act will be used to help deliver the government’s ‘Better Regulation’  agenda.

Government departments and some regulators are preparing to publish simplification plans with specific proposals to deliver cuts in red tape. Some of these will require amendment of legislation. Where appropriate, the Act will be used to help merge the existing 31 national regulators into seven themed bodies as recommended by Philip Hampton in his 2005 report.

William Sargent, executive chairman of the Better Regulation Executive, said: “This Act allows out-of-date or unnecessary legislation to be removed more quickly and efficiently. It is a tremendous step forward that will allow us to reap the benefits of the simplification proposals which departments have identified.”

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