Marston Pub Co serves up basic training to avoid costly mistakes in tough 2008

Marston’s Pub Company will launch a training initiative to assist pub landlords and licensees with financial planning and target marketing in anticipation of a consumer spending slowdown in 2008.

Marston’s plans to run more than 500 training sessions in 50 different venues across the country, beginning later this month and running to March,

Feedback from licensees indicated a lack in detailed financial planning, while majority of respondents acknowledged that targeting marketing could have helped them through difficult times. Courses will be assessed by business development managers.

Karl Czinege, Marston commercial manager said: “I think we are all realistic about the economy and what this means for businesses. In this climate it’s even more important that people have good financial controls and that any marketing is cost effective and relevant.

“It’s so easy to waste money, for example, like running karaoke nights in a pub where the average customer is over 55 or serving gourmet food if you mainly attract families with small children. It sounds simple, but it’s amazing how many people get this side of things wrong.”

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