Company cars

Wife swapping won’t swing with the judge

22 Aug 2006

AA Business Services (AABS), the corporate wing of The AA breakdown company, has warned employers that staff are increasingly involved in illegal ‘point-swapping’ scams to avoid licence penalties and driving bans

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Employers and workers join call to include benefits packages in job advertisements

19 Jul 2006

Full benefits package would differentiate firms from competitors.

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Health and safety prosecution prompts warning to monitor company fleet drivers’ hours

5 Jul 2006

Employers are being warned that they must start tracking the working hours of fleet drivers after the first successful UK health and safety prosecution of its type.

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Employees may be expected to supply their own computers

4 Jan 2006

IT consultancy predicts move to users providing their own computers for work, has happened with company cars in the 1970s

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Who benefits from company cars?

9 Dec 2005

Employers must balance cost and business efficiency with corporate responsibility and employee aspirations as the debate about the merits of the company car as a benefit intensifies

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Employers warned to watch fuel costs for company cars

16 Sep 2005

Employers with fleets of company cars should set up procedures that will help them to manage fuel costs, motoring experts have advised

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Rising fuel costs for company car fleets

12 Aug 2005

Rising fuel prices could cost UK businesses at least an extra £333m each year in fuel for company car fleets, according to estimates

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Seven in 10 firms give employees the car or cash choice

13 Jul 2005

Seventy per cent of companies offer employees the choice between a company car and a cash allowance.

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Employers face safety concerns with cash-for-car schemes

12 Jul 2005

Employees who have opted out of company car schemes in favour of ‘cash for car’ programmes may be using unsafe vehicles for business.

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Inexcusable excuses – the winners

8 Jun 2005

Claims for suits and vet's bills win prizes for Personnel Today readers

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Living life in the fast lane isn’t for everyone

7 Jun 2005

Ever since we switched directors over to car allowances, there’s an increasing variety of metalware at the posh end of...

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Company car fails to impress in employee benefit stakes

6 Apr 2005

Healthcare plans and additional holiday have overtaken company cars as the most popular employee benefits, research reveals.

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Tax increase threat for two million workers

9 Feb 2005

Any changes to the tax-free mileage allowance for employees in the forthcoming Budget could leave more than 2 million employees out of pocket, according to accountancy firm Ernst & Young.

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Number’s up for HR as IT drives ahead in status game

16 Nov 2004

Beleaguered HR professionals may feel that IT is valued more highly than them in business – and this latest revelation...

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How to set up an incentive scheme

17 Feb 2004

As well as keeping them happy, rewarding staff can help organisations with retention and development.

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