Brexit – the story for employers so far

The UK electorate voted to leave the European Union in a referendum on 23 June 2016. The legal process for exiting the EU began when the UK notified of its intention to withdraw under Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty on 29 March 2017. The UK and the EU had two years to decide on the terms of the withdrawal, particularly the extent of the UK’s access to the single market versus the degree to which EU workers retain freedom of movement to the UK.

On 21 March 2019, eight days before the scheduled departure date, the EU offered to delay Brexit until 22 May if MPs approve the deal that has been negotiated. If they could not, a no-deal Brexit would happen on 12 April.

On 11 April, the EU allowed a “flexible extension” to 31 October 2019. Boris Johnson, who took over as prime minister in July, had vowed to leave the EU by that date “do or die”, having negotiated a new deal with the EU. However on 28 October 2019, the EU agreed to extend Brexit again, this time to 31 January 2020.

Our Brexit pages provide news and guidance on all aspects of the UK’s exit from the EU.

Firms warned over return of Right to Work fines

For much of 2020, with the UK in the grip of the Covid pandemic, the Home Office did not issue any Right to Work fines but in the final quarter of last year 77 fines were issued.

Changing immigration rules and how employers can benefit

6 Apr 2021

Revisions to the immigration rules and specifically the points-based system have kickstarted a huge shift in how employers hire, writes Jonathan Beech.

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University lecture ethnic minorities

New graduate visa route aimed at retaining ‘brightest and best’

11 Mar 2021

Students on the graduate route will be able to work or look for work after their studies for two to three years.

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Budget introduces elite visa to lure tech entrepreneurs

4 Mar 2021

The UK government is set to introduce an ‘elite points-based visa’, a further component of its drive to revamp the immigration system post-Brexit.

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Brexit: steady flow of finance jobs to EU continues

2 Mar 2021

Dublin and Luxembourg the most popular EU destinations for staff relocations and new hubs, followed by Frankfurt.

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Top 10 HR questions February 2021: Vaccination and IR35

1 Mar 2021

Can employers insist their staff have a coronavirus vaccination? What is IR35? Last month's big HR questions answered by XpertHR...

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Brexit: Which EU employment rules could be up for review?

17 Feb 2021

Although the government's review of employment rights has been shelved, which laws could it seek to amend in theory?

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Top 10 HR questions January 2021: Home-schooling, furlough, vaccinations

1 Feb 2021

With strengthened lockdown measures in January, employers have again been asking for guidance on employees who are home-schooling.
In addition...

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Kwasi Kwarteng: workers’ rights review will not go ahead

28 Jan 2021

Business secretary says review of workers' rights has been scrapped; Matthew Taylor sounds alarm about future of labour market enforcement role.

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Brexit transition period end – what it means for HR (webinar)

27 Jan 2021

ON DEMAND | From an HR perspective, the end of the Brexit transition period means getting to grips with the new immigration rules...

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‘Set up businesses within EU’ government advisers tell firms

25 Jan 2021

UK workers could be laid off as businesses set up new companies within the EU.

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Opinion: ‘Be wary of hysteria over workers’ rights claims’

21 Jan 2021

There should be no cause for alarm as the government looks at workers' rights – the working time directive is neither here nor there

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Brexit and UK employment law

20 Jan 2021

Now that the UK and the EU have agreed on the position of the UK post-Brexit, HR is left wondering...

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Workers’ rights may be looked at, business secretary confirms

19 Jan 2021

Business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng has confirmed that the government is looking at workers’ rights now that the UK does not...

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Furlough should be extended ‘before Budget’

19 Jan 2021

Rishi Sunak needs to act now, ahead of his Budget, to help protect UK companies through the Spring to ensure...

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