Asylum seekers

An asylum seeker is someone who has applied for recognition of refugee status in the UK and is awaiting a decision on his or her application for refugee status.

Asylum seekers do not normally have the right to work in the UK. In contrast, refugees (ie those who have received a positive decision on their asylum claim) have full employment rights in the UK.

Plans to help refugees into work published this week

8 Mar 2005

The government is to publish its long-awaited refugee employment strategy tomorrow (Wednesday).‘Working to Rebuild Lives’, which was originally scheduled to...

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Businesses ignore terror threat

17 Feb 2005

Too many businesses are ill-prepared for the possibility of a terrorist attack, according to an NOP poll for the Institute...

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Migrant workers in the UK working under forced labour conditions

4 Feb 2005

Some migrant workers are being severely exploited despite laws that should protect them, reports the TUC

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Immigration policy must meet needs of employers

25 Jan 2005

The emerging debate about immigration policy must take into account the needs of employers struggling to deal with the consequences of a tight labour market.

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Government in firing line over discrimination against those with HIV

11 Jan 2005

Goverment policies have been blamed for fuelling discrimination against people with HIV.
A study by the National Aids Trust and...

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Accessing the talent pool

7 Sep 2004

Refugees are an untapped talent pool with an abundance of essential skills. Jennifer Hurstfield and Richard Pearson look at how some employers have managed to access this rich source of experience.

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What happens next?

4 May 2004

Nick Isles, an associate director ofThe Work Foundation, takes a look at accession and migration in the expanded European Union...

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A happy union?

1 May 2004

Nationals from eight of the 10 accession countries that joined the European Union this month will be entitled to work...

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