The HR profession

Postgraduate Certificate in Organisational Consulting, Durham University

26 Oct 2004

How long? The course runs over 11 months, starting in October. Students are expected to attend four ‘on-course’ sessions that...

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Career focus: North West

19 Oct 2004

A region by region look at working in HR in the UK. This month we investigate North West

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Career focus: South West

24 Aug 2004

South West riding on a wave of confidence

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Career focus: Northern Ireland

13 Jul 2004

Economic recovery takes root despite troubled past

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How to become an HR guru

29 Jun 2004

Is there a management book inside you? Are you about to hit the conference circuit to talk though your latest theories?

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Career focus: Wales

22 Jun 2004

Economical stability puts Valleys on high

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Across the private-public divide

1 Jun 2004

For John Marsh, group HR and change director at the Home Office, more often than not, the working day begins with controversy

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Career focus: London boroughs

18 May 2004

Get the right balance to appreciate capital living

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Career Focus: North East

20 Apr 2004

Reality check working wonders for North East

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Stepping in to a new role

6 Jan 2004

With secondments becoming part and parcel of the modern workplace, would you be willing to swap roles and try something completely new?

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