Employment tribunals

Employment rights are enforced in the employment tribunal. For example, employment tribunals consider complaints of unfair dismissal and discrimination. Employment tribunals can also consider breach of contract claims if the value of the claim does not exceed £25,000.

Employment tribunal proceedings are started by the claimant completing and submitting an ET1 claim form within the required time limit. The ET3 response form is the employer's response to the claim form.

Fees are payable and an early conciliation process must be followed before an employment tribunal claim can proceed.

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Sexual harassment award: £14,000 for injury to feelings not excessive

Zoe Lomax examines an EAT decision on the level of compensation for injury to feelings dictated by the three Vento bands.

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Asda workers win right to compare roles in biggest private-sector equal pay claim

14 Oct 2016

Asda has lost an employment tribunal ruling in a case involving thousands of

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ACAS early conciliation

Early conciliation “no substitute” for effective employment tribunals

4 Oct 2016

XpertHR consultant editor Darren Newman maintains that the Acas early conciliation service provides no real substitute for dealing with claims...

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Fritz Lang's influential science-fiction film Metropolis, which is set in 2026, envisages a world where mistreated workers toil for the benefit of the privileged few. Everett Collection/REX/Shutterstock.

What will employment tribunals look like in 2026?

27 Sep 2016

Employment tribunals have come a long way since their introduction in 1964 as a low-cost method for enforcing employment rights....

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Workplace protected conversations shield cannot be waived

12 Sep 2016

In DLA Piper’s latest case report, the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) confirmed the privilege that applies to protected conversations cannot...

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Tribunal claim numbers continue downward trend

8 Sep 2016

The number of employment tribunal claims dropped slightly in the three months to June 2016, continuing the downward trend since...

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Large costs award: claimants secretly recorded employer’s legal advice

18 Jul 2016

An employment tribunal threw out four claimants’ cases and ordered them to pay a total of £69,484 in costs after ...

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Accessing employment tribunal decisions currently means a visit to Bury St Edmunds (or Glasgow for Scottish decisions) /sevenMaps7/Shutterstock.

Employment tribunal judgments to go online

27 Jun 2016

HM Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS) has announced that new employment tribunal decisions will be made publicly available online from...

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MPs reported on the introduction of fees in civil courts and employment tribunals. Photo: High Level Photography/REX/Shutterstock

MPs recommend substantial cut to employment tribunal fees

20 Jun 2016

A committee of MPs has concluded that the introduction of employment tribunal fees has had a “significant adverse impact” on...

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Tribunal claims plummet after introduction of fees. Photo:REX/Andy Paradise

Employment tribunals need radical overhaul, say lawyers

7 Jun 2016

The Employment Lawyers Association’s (ELA) response to the call for a single employment law court argues for a radical overhaul...

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“Shocking scale” of maternity discrimination revealed

22 Mar 2016

As many as 390,000 female workers a year have a “negative or possibly discriminatory” experience during pregnancy and maternity leave,...

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Employment law changes April 2016: an eight-point checklist

7 Mar 2016

Every April, new legislation affecting employment rights and responsibilities is introduced. This year, the development receiving the most attention is...

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Statutory redundancy pay to increase from 6 April 2016

4 Mar 2016

The maximum amount of statutory redundancy pay and the limit on the amount employment tribunals can award for unfair dismissal...

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Unison's tribunal fee challenge will be heard at the Supreme Court. Photo: Jonathan Hordle/REX Shutterstock

Unison’s tribunal fees challenge headed to Supreme Court

26 Feb 2016

Unison has been granted permission to take its challenge to the introduction of employment tribunal fees to the Supreme Court....

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Clarkson apologises to producer, settles out of court

24 Feb 2016

Jeremy Clarkson has apologised and settled the claim against him for racial discrimination and injury, according to the claimant’s lawyers....

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