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HR Tech World London to tackle the future of HR

Sir Ken Robinson, creativity expert and top-ranked TED talk speaker, will open London’s HR Tech World conference next week with...


The HR software journey: Introducing sophisticated technology (webinar)

Wednesday 29 March 2017 11:00am BST
Getting to grips with new technology is always a challenge, but when you are...


Is the coaching industry ripe for digital disruption?

We have seen a host of industries from food delivery to cab driving disrupted by digital developments. Coaching is not...


Data will drive learning as artificial intelligence grows

Learning professionals will need to design ever more personalised content as artificial intelligence grows in prominence, according to strategy expert...


Let’s talk about the future of HR

PROMOTED SD Worx reveal themselves as the brains behind the HR robot hoax... Find out more


Artificial intelligence and HR tech grow in importance, Harvey Nash finds

Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation will have a major impact on HR and employment over the next five years, according...

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Social media misconduct: fair dismissal over historic tweets

An employment tribunal held that a long-serving employee was fairly dismissed for making derogatory comments about his colleagues and his...

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