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Five reasons why HR software implementations fail

Research shows that businesses’ expectations of what HR systems can deliver often outstrip the reality. What are the key factors...


Ten ways HR tech leaders can make the most of artificial intelligence

Adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) is on the increase, but its critics are still fearful that the technology could replace...


Why the right digital strategy can drive human capital management

Dealing with disparate systems can become a hurdle for HR when trying to drive value from human capital management systems....

In the recent  case involving WhatsAPP  information  was disclosed about a client company to a competitor.

Monitoring employee communications: WhatsApp case raises concerns

A recent legal case involving messaging service WhatsApp raises issues about monitoring employee communications. Nick Le Riche, a partner at...


Still using paper signatures? Time to go digital

PROMOTED | Every step of the employee lifecycle involves documents and signatures, whether you’re signing... Find out more


Automatic for the people: how HR brings robots and humans together

There have been numerous predictions about the impact of automation on certain jobs, but it need not all be bad...

The paperless office: Top 10 benefits of moving OH to a paperless workflow

PROMOTED | The ever-changing world of technology has brought about a new potential for all businesses, not just... Find out more

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