Halfords to train 1,500 electric vehicle technicians

Halfords is training staff to help close a skills gap in the servicing of electric cars, bikes and scooters.

‘Green industrial revolution’ will create 250,000 jobs

18 Nov 2020

Around 250,000 jobs will be created as part of a “green industrial revolution” in the UK, the Prime Minister will...

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Create ‘green’ jobs to boost productivity, urges CBI

14 Sep 2020

Creating new ‘green’ jobs will boost productivity and help the UK become a global leader in climate action, the chief...

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Scotland’s first minister proposes retraining scheme and ‘green’ jobs

1 Sep 2020

Scotland’s first minister is to set out proposals for ‘new green jobs’ with fair pay and conditions as the country...

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‘Green’ investment could generate 1.6 million jobs

2 Jul 2020

By investing in a ‘green’ economy, the UK government can create 1.6 million jobs as well as meet its targets...

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Greening city

City of London to boost allure for firms with large-scale green plan

5 Nov 2018

Workers and companies in the City of London are to benefit from plans to improve office space flexibility, air quality...

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Going green could lower stress in the Public Sector

29 Nov 2010

Public sector managers face the immense challenge of keeping workers motivated. Figures from the CIPD – which show government employees...

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Environmental industry ergonomics

7 May 2010

The new 'green' industries raise their own health and safety questions, but proper consideration of the risks can help to prevent the new industries recreating the same old problems.

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Environmental industry ergonomics: Quiz and resources

7 May 2010

Life-long learning and continuing professional development (CPD) are the processes by which professionals, such as nurses, develop and improve their...

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Prime minister promises 400,000 environmental sector jobs by 2018

15 Apr 2009

The prime minister has insisted that thousands of green jobs will be created in the UK, despite fears that the...

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COA Solutions wins top environmental award

3 Mar 2009

UK business management and information systems provider, COA Solutions, has been honoured with a leading environmental award from The Green Organisation...

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Green skills gap could hit UK’s environmental ambitions

12 Sep 2008

Growing pressure on employers to be environmentally friendly from government and consumers will lead to a ‘green’ skills gap in...

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Environmental firm’s green scheme fines staff for excessive carbon emissions

19 Oct 2007

Employees at an environmental firm are recording their out-of-work carbon emissions and paying fines for excessive amounts.
Consultancy WSP Environmental...

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