Mediation is the process whereby an independent mediator facilitates an agreement between disputing parties. In the workplace, the parties will typically be the employer and employee, or two employees.

Mediation is an interests-based, non-adversarial process for resolving disputes through dialogue. An independent third party, known as a mediator, facilitates a conversation between the parties that are in dispute, with a view to helping them reach a satisfactory outcome.

Mediation is a type of alternative dispute resolution that it is good practice for employers to use to resolve workplace disputes.

Unions warn of more BA disruption

22 Aug 2005

The Transport & General Workers' Union has warned of further disruption to British Airways flights unless the 670 sacked Gate Gourmet workers are reinstated

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‘Little progress’ made in BA dispute

16 Aug 2005

Talks aimed at resolving the dispute which left thousands of British Airways passengers stranded last week have made "little progress"

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BA flights out of Heathrow suspended after staff walk out

11 Aug 2005

All British Airways flights from Heathrow have been suspended after staff walked out in support of sacked catering workers

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Fewer tribunal cases this year

12 Jul 2005

There has been a dramatic fall in the number of cases making it to employment tribunal.

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Marine officers union wins historic ruling over recognition at Hoverspeed

7 Jul 2005

Hoverspeed is all at sea after a ruling that it must recognise the Numast union for marine officers.

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BBC and unions agree to mediation talks

24 May 2005

The BBC and trade unions have agreed to mediation at Acas to try to resolve their dispute over job cuts.Bectu,...

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T&G wins £72m fighting for members’ rights

29 Mar 2005

The Transport & General Workers' Union has won more than £72m in compensation for members in the past year alone.

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Legal opinion: Is dispute resolution right for you?

29 Mar 2005

Not all workplace disputes can be settled by the 'win/lose' outcome that employment tribunals provide. Mediation could be the answer

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Delivering a resounding message to government

1 Mar 2005

Yesterday, Personnel Today presented the Department of Trade and Industry with the HR profession's response to the draft consultation on Operating and Financial Reviews.

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Union cautious over council IT outsourcing deal

7 Jan 2005

Question marks still hang over a £119m outsourcing deal between Swansea City Council and business consultants and outsourcing specialist Capgemini...

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Rail-freight workers to step up industrial action after collapse of talks

12 Nov 2004

Staff at rail-freight company EWS are to be consulted on stepping up their industrial action over jobs, working hours and...

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