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Mark Crail is content director of XpertHR. He leads the salary survey and HR data benchmarking services, overseeing the collection and publication of pay data through the Job Pricing tool and our wider HR research programme which forms the core of XpertHR Benchmarking.

Gender pay gap reporting: five things you need to know

6 Dec 2016

A new duty requiring big employers to publish data on their gender pay gaps now looks set to come into...

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Ethical principles to guide HR analytics will be needed, say the authors

Predictive HR analytics raise “Big Brother” ethical and legal fears

11 Apr 2016

As employers become more sophisticated in their use of HR metrics, they need to ensure they are aware of the...

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Inflation measures used by employers to guide pay awards

The rise of CPI: HR hedges its bets over inflation

26 Feb 2015

Inflation, as measured by the consumer price index (CPI), fell to its lowest ever level in January 2015, hitting just...

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Bonuses for 60% of white-collar workers last year

24 Apr 2009

Six in 10 white-collar workers took home a cash bonus last year, worth on average 13.8% on top of basic...

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Staff with a grievance get paid off with compromise agreement by employer

12 Dec 2007

Nearly eight out of 10 employers would rather pay off a former employee with a grievance if the cost of...

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Employers make liberal use of working time regulations opt-out

26 Nov 2007

Many organisations routinely ask key employees to opt out of working time limits even though there is little prospect that...

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Online recruitment delivers more applicants and wins vote of most employers

20 Nov 2007

Online recruitment may not produce better quality candidates, but it does deliver more of them and that makes it easier...

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Graduate starting salaries fall behind inflation as good graduates are hard to find

12 Nov 2007

Starting salaries for new graduates have seen only modest increases over the past year, according to a survey by Personnel...

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Private sector pay awards to stay high in 2008

30 Oct 2007

One in three private sector employers expects to come out of the 2008 wage round with a settlement of 4%...

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Return-to-work interviews do cut sickness absence rates

15 Oct 2007

Two out of three employers believe that return-to-work interviews have cut employee absence rates, according to a study by Personnel...

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Human resource practitioners believe maternity pay is too low

8 Oct 2007

Most humna resources (HR) practitioners believe that statutory maternity pay (SMP) is set at too low a level, according to...

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Employers confident over recruitment prospects

1 Oct 2007

by Mark Crail Nearly one in five employers expects to recruit more employees by the end of the year, according to figures compiled for the Manpower...

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Equal pay claims push tribunal cases to new high…

24 Sep 2007

The number of cases brought to employment tribunals rose sharply last year, according to figures published by the Tribunals Service.More...

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Employers find online timewasting more of a problem than employees accessing porn websites

18 Sep 2007

Three out of four employers have had to deal with employees who waste time online rather than doing the job...

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Research update – Senior managers are getting harder to find

11 Sep 2007

It takes an average of 12 weeks and costs £11,000 to fill a senior management vacancy, according to a study...

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