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Promote top performers or keep them on the front line?

16 Oct 2009

Employees who excel at customer service are often rapidly promoted into more senior positions, away from what they do best. Alex Blyth looks at how to keep your talented employees where they can be most productive.

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Declaring mental ill health

22 Jun 2009

If you had a mental health problem would you disclose it at a job interview? As an employer, would a history of mental illness affect your attitude to an applicant? If your answers to these questions are 'No' and 'Yes' you're with the majority, but what's best for business?

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10 ways to develop staff on a budget

17 Feb 2009

Number crunching training budgets: Training budgets under increasing pressure, but staff development should not be allowed to grind to a halt as a result. There is a wealth of low-cost and even free sources of learning on offer, as Alex Blyth reports.

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Webchats: the dangers of loose talk

13 Feb 2009

Online conversations have become a productive and cost-effective way for employers to communicate with staff and keep them engaged. But there are dangers as well as advantages to allowing free access to internal social media, as Alex Blyth reports.

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Top tips for getting the most out of webchats

12 Feb 2009

Online conversations have become a productive and cost-effective way for employers to communicate with staff and keep them engaged. But...

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Reward and benefits: Rewarding in a recession

27 Nov 2008

In the coming months, the pressure will be on HR professionals to cut staff benefits, so they will need to...

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Talent management: L&D looks after the creme de la creme

30 Apr 2008

Talent management programmes are a top HR challenge, one that learning and development plays a key part in achieving.“It was...

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Skills pledge: View to a skill

22 Apr 2008

Since the Skills Pledge was launched 10 months ago, uptake has been relatively low. Could it be the government has...

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Learning analytics: do you measure up?

27 Feb 2008

Measuring the effectiveness of training is one of learning and development’s holy grails. Can learning analytics lead you to it?Learning...

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Technology in the training room

22 Jan 2008

Technology is now as much a part of the training room as tables and chairs. Yet the name of the...

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How to provide effective training for call centre staff

20 Nov 2007

Training call centre staff provides some unusual challenges – not least the little time they have to attend courses. This...

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Reinvigorating the workplace atmosphere and social scene

10 Jul 2007

A survey of staff at media planning and buying agency Zenith Optimedia showed that something was missing in the office environment and social scene. Alex Blyth reports on how HR brought the buzz back.

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The benefits of setting up payroll charity donations in the workplace

2 Jul 2007

Setting up payroll charity donations may be a headache for HR, but the rewards can be significant. Alex Blyth looks at the pros and cons of workplace giving.

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Leadership focus: Leadership brings sweet rewards for Sainsbury’s

24 Apr 2007

Sainsbury's latest set of financial results showed a massive improvement in performance. Behind this success lies a leadership programme for the supermarket's top managers, reports Alex Blyth.

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Prime minister Tony Blair’s vision for future of work fails to mention the managers

10 Apr 2007

Last month the prime minister Tony Blair delivered a lecture to several hundred of the UK’s leaders in the field...

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