The Employment Relations Act 1999 (Blacklisting) Regulations 2010 make it unlawful to prohibit – or “blacklist” – workers from employment as a result of their current or past trade union membership or activities. The regulations mean the compilation, use, sale or supply of blacklists  containing details of people who are, or have been, trade union members or who are taking part, or have taken part, in trade union activities is unlawful. If blacklisting is used by an employer to discriminate in relation to recruitment, dimissal or other treatment of existing workers, the affected individuals may submit a complaint to the employment tribunal.

Ryanair pilots’ trade union detriment case over first hurdle

Ryanair pilots who saw their staff travel benefits removed after they took part in a strike in 2019 will have...

Businesses find themselves in modern slavery limbo

22 Nov 2019

With legal action hovering over British American Tobacco, and G4S shares being blacklisted by an investment fund, it’s clear that...

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man asleep on pile of papers

Tribunal ruling overthrown because judge fell asleep

7 Jun 2019

A victimisation case at an employment tribunal will be reheard after the judge fell asleep during proceedings before making the judgement in the claimant's favour.

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Union claims council ‘secretly’ rewarded staff that did not strike

28 Nov 2018

Birmingham City Council refuse workers are considering whether to go on strike, following allegations that the council “secretly” paid several...

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Labour manifesto 2017: what employers need to know

17 May 2017

The Labour Party’s official manifesto has been released today and includes some of the most radical changes to employment legislation...

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Online database for employment tribunal judgments confirmed

17 Nov 2016

HM Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS) has confirmed that new employment tribunal decisions will be made publicly available online from...

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Fair dismissal of line manager who refused workplace drug test

16 May 2016

An employment tribunal rejected an unfair dismissal claim by a line manager who was sacked when he refused to take...

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Blacklisted construction workers to receive millions in compensation

9 May 2016

Construction workers whose names appeared on a secret industry blacklist have won millions in compensation.
The Unite union has reached...

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Transgender employees: towards equal treatment

15 Mar 2016

Despite new guidance on recruiting and retaining transgender staff, employers remain confused about the law and good practice. Virginia Matthews...

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Tribunal watch: Complaint about “tosser” insult not protected disclosure

11 May 2015

An employment tribunal has given short shrift to a claim that a complaint about a line manager’s rudeness to a...

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Tribunal watch: Flawed redundancy consultation with BT staff

5 May 2015

An employment tribunal has awarded compensation to the former employees of a BT subsidiary for the failure to carry out...

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Candidates sue LinkedIn over lost job opportunities

Candidates sue LinkedIn over lost job opportunities

10 Nov 2014

LinkedIn is facing a class action lawsuit in California over its premium “reference search” function that allows employers to identify...

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Rights and protections for trade union members

10 May 2013

The coalition Government has implemented a number of measures that have reduced individual employee rights. The qualifying service to bring...

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Legal opinion: Victimisation for not informing employer of discrimination claim

29 Apr 2013

An employment tribunal has found in favour of a city banker’s claim that she was victimised when her employer dismissed...

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Government committee publishes report on employee blacklisting

16 Apr 2013

Construction firms that engaged in the systematic blacklisting of workers are continuing to avoid full responsibility for their actions, according...

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