Employers should operate a compulsory retirement age only if it can be justified. For example, employees in some jobs where a high level of fitness or agility is required to undertake the role may be subject to an “employer-justified retirement age” for health and safety reasons.

An employer that does not retain an “employer-justified retirement age” can retire individuals on a case-by-case basis if it can justify them. The employer must ensure that retiring the employee at the particular age is a proportionate means of achieving a legitimate aim. For employees who plan to go voluntarily, the employer should encourage them to discuss their plans, to assist the employer in planning its workforce requirements.

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Pandemic forcing older workers to change retirement plans

2 Dec 2020

The pandemic has forced many older workers to delay retirement, with some concerned they would only be able to afford...

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Ousted Oxford professor reinstated and awarded £30k

13 Oct 2020

An Oxford University professor who was forced to leave his job under a retirement age policy is to have his...

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Compulsory retirement of partners in the Covid era

13 Oct 2020

Compulsory retirement may be on the agenda as Covid exposes weaknesses in the boardroom. Ivor Adair looks at the risks for firms with a partnership structure.

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Older BAME people more likely to earn less and be unable to retire

19 Aug 2020

There are stark differences in earnings and deeply entrenched inequalities between older BAME and white UK populations, finds a new in-depth study.

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Met Police asks retired officers to return

27 Mar 2020

The Metropolitan Police Service is calling on retired officers to return to duty and urging those nearing retirement to stay...

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Why offering pensions advice is good for society and business

24 Mar 2020

There is a significant knowledge gap when it comes to preparing for later life and employers have a key role...

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Proportion of older workers grows rapidly

10 Dec 2019

The gap between the employment rate of 50 to 64 year olds and under-50s may be at its narrowest in at least 25 years

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Men have £78,000 more in pension pot at retirement

25 Nov 2019

The number of women saving for retirement has hit record levels, but men will still have on average £78,000 more in their pension pot when they stop working.

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Oxford University's Clarendon Laboratory

Oxford University retirement policy facing fresh challenge

13 Sep 2019

A second Oxford University professor this year is challenging the institution over its retirement policy...

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France faces tough battle over pension reform

13 Sep 2019

Paris has been crippled by public transport strikes today in response to moves by the French government to implement pension reform.

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state pension age 75

Increase state pension age to 75 to ‘improve health and wellbeing’

19 Aug 2019

Raising the state pension age to 75 will improve the health and wellbeing of older people, a think tank has controversially proposed.

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delay retirement

Half of workers want to delay retirement, but don’t think about long-term health

17 Jul 2019

Half (48%) of UK workers want to delay retirement beyond the age of 65, but many do not think about...

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Judicial review begins into ‘unfair’ increase in state pension age

5 Jun 2019

A group of women will appear at the High Court today (5 June) for a judicial review.

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Wider NHS pension reform needed to remove overtime deterrent

5 Jun 2019

Plans to offer NHS doctors more flexible pensions will need to be part of wider reforms if the government wants...

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