Career breaks

A career break or sabbatical is a period of leave of (normally unpaid) absence from work of several months or even years, which does not break employees' continuity of employment.

Many employees take advantage of a career break to study, travel, carry out voluntary work or pursue their interests, among other things. Employers can also benefit from the experience and skills that employees gain while away.

Career breaks or sabbaticals are key to retaining staff

13 Sep 2006

Nearly nine out of 10 people just back from their summer holiday would relish the prospect of taking a career...

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Work-life balance is the key to retaining staff

5 Jan 2005

Employees want flexible work arrangements nearly as much as good salaries

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Mind the gap

3 Jan 2005

People from all walks of life now see the advantages of a career break, but make sure the terms of your policies are suficiently clear to ensure both sides know what to expect of them. By Sue Weekes

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A force for good?

1 Oct 2004

For decades, UK firms have employed reservists and their enhanced skills, but rarely have the potential repercussions been so great

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Women are the key to filling skills gaps

11 May 2004

The Equal Opportunities Commission has identified a major source of skills that can help out the construction, engineering and IT sectors - women.

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