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Roisin Woolnough is a journalist with over 20 years' experience writing on workplace issues.
Shokat Lal and Angela O'Connor answer questions at the 2017 PPMA annual seminarPaul Scott Photography

PPMA 2017: Leadership and evidence-based HR in the public sector

5 May 2017

Two themes dominated the Public Service People Managers’ Association (PPMA) annual seminar: leading change and the need for evidence-based HR...

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What does the CIPD’s new professional standards framework mean for HR?

21 Apr 2017

The CIPD is in the process of building a new professional standards framework that will help HR professionals to navigate...

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Should every weekend be a long weekend?

12 Apr 2017

With spring’s four bank holidays fast approaching, it’s easy to get used to the concept of the long weekend. Roisin...

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Learning and development: report finds organisations still “playing it safe”

20 Nov 2015

Learning and development (L&D) teams have, for some time, been accused of failing to adapt their practice to a more...

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Evidence-based learning: it’s time to show what works

19 Jun 2015

For too long, learning and development (L&D) practitioners have claimed that what they do is too subjective to be measured....

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Getting more value from the appraisal process

11 Dec 2012

Personnel Today looks at how the appraisal process can be best utilised.Manager sits down with employee. They discuss how work...

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What can HR learn from football management?

1 Jun 2012

With football’s European Championships just around the corner, organisations can gain a lot of insight from managers working in “the...

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Don’t take drastic action to survive this recession

8 Sep 2008

When chancellor Alistair Darling said that the UK could be facing its worst economic slump in 60 years, he seemingly...

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Online time-wasting: get out of my Facebook

15 Aug 2008

Online time-waster or useful tool? Roisin Woolnough finds out what you can get out of social networking websites.Many organisations have...

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Social enterprises

29 Jul 2008

Social enterprise is the new ‘buzz term’ in the charity sector, and offers great opportunities for ambitious HR professionals. Roisin Woolnough investigates.

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Permanent gains from temporary workers: smart casuals

15 Jul 2008

The latest developments on agency workers’ rights have placed the spotlight on working conditions for temps. How can HR deal...

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External accreditation: Outside recognition

18 Mar 2008

Enhancing the value of internal training through external recognition by recognised bodies seems a positive development. But what does it...

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Drama-based training: what is the point?

15 May 2007

Drama-based training may seem like an extravagant option, but it can have a role to play in certain scenarios.One thing...

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Who cares trains

17 Apr 2007

As the news bulletins will tell you, there are some very dangerous places in which to work. If organisations send staff to such locations, then training departments will face some out-of-the-ordinary challenges.

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Diversity report raises fears of backlash…

16 Jan 2007

...and admits that forcing employers to discriminate in favour of ethnic minorities may not be a wise decision.

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