Job sharing

Jobsharing is a common form of flexible working that employers offer. A job share is an arrangement whereby two or more part-time workers share the duties of a single job.

The responsibilities and duties of the job are split, and the hours, pay and benefits of the full-time job are divided in proportion to the hours that each job-sharer works.Job-sharers are, in effect, part-time workers.

Beware the risks of job-share schemes

28 Feb 2006

Employers who copy McDonald's family contracts may end up biting off more than they can chew

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Experts warn of hidden pitfalls in ‘family contracts’

30 Jan 2006

Lawyers highlight potential problems with 'family contracts' for shiftworkers.

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Hardys and Hansons Plc v Lax

13 Sep 2005

Was refusal of job-sharing unlawful?

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Family-friendly policy tops 2005 government agenda

18 Jan 2005

The general election is likely to see all major parties promising policies to improve voters' work-life balance

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Job swaps for succession planning

1 Sep 2004

On-the-job learning in the form of internal job swaps and secondments are helping Britannia Building Society address recruitment difficulties.

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