Job sharing

Jobsharing is a common form of flexible working that employers offer. A job share is an arrangement whereby two or more part-time workers share the duties of a single job.

The responsibilities and duties of the job are split, and the hours, pay and benefits of the full-time job are divided in proportion to the hours that each job-sharer works.Job-sharers are, in effect, part-time workers.

How Lloyds Banking Group built agile working into recruitment

Offering flexible working may not be enough to attract and retain talent in today’s job market – agile working needs...

Flexible working

Flexible working has plateaued, study finds

14 Jan 2019

The number of people using flexible working arrangements has flatlined since 2010, despite the right to request flexibility being extended...

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Employers more willing to consider job shares at senior level

30 Jan 2017

More than two-fifths of employers would now be willing to consider a job share for a senior role, research by...

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Flexible working: seven ways for HR to make the business case

15 May 2014

The Children and Families Act will extend the right to request flexible working to all employees and introduce a right...

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Extending flexible working rights could lead to more disputes

15 Nov 2012

Proposals to extend flexible working rights to all workers could prove more trouble than they are worth for employers and...

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Weekly dilemma: Part-time employees and job-shares

24 Nov 2011

I employ two members of staff on a job-share basis; both work two-and-a-half days per week. Unfortunately, one is leaving...

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Flexible working grows up

12 Feb 2009

Plans to extend the right to request flexible working look set to go ahead. Peter Rabbitts, knowledge adviser at  Acas...

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Flexible working: part-time, full potential?

30 Apr 2008

There's a huge body of research to suggest staff who take time off to have a family are disadvantaged at work. But what can HR realistically do to ensure part-time carers are treated equally to full-time workers? Kate Hilpern reports.

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Nearly one-third of UK employees work non-standard hours, research shows

9 May 2007

Up to one-third of UK employees work outside traditional working hours, research has found.
A survey conducted by banking firm...

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Flexible UK challenged by Cranfield survey of 8,000 companies in 32 countries

7 Jul 2006

UK's flexible labour market could be a myth according to research.

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Work Wise Week starts on 3 May

30 Mar 2006

Firms are being urged to work 'smarter' by taking part in Work Wise Week in May.

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Keep it in the family

2 Mar 2006

David Fairhurst, vice-president of people at McDonalds, speaks exclusively to STEPHANIE SPARROW about the company's new flexible working scheme

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Beware the risks of job-share schemes

28 Feb 2006

Employers who copy McDonald's family contracts may end up biting off more than they can chew

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Experts warn of hidden pitfalls in ‘family contracts’

30 Jan 2006

Lawyers highlight potential problems with 'family contracts' for shiftworkers.

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Hardys and Hansons Plc v Lax

13 Sep 2005

Was refusal of job-sharing unlawful?

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