Institution of Engineering and Technology teams up with IBM to develop competency standards for IT professionals

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and IBM have launched a professional development scheme to benchmark standards in the IT industry.

The scheme will help to ensure that IT professionals are of the right calibre with proven abilities in a specified discipline.

As well as benefiting industry generally, the scheme will help IBM to further develop its employees in terms of skill levels. It will also help the company to attract and retain the best people by enabling IT professionals following an in-house professional development scheme to be fast-tracked to the globally recognised status of chartered engineer.

David Heath, HR director at IBM UK, said: “IBM continually strives to improve standards of technical competence and professionalism within the IT industry. This scheme demonstrates that IBM is committed to establishing IT professional standards that are recognised globally and provides a hallmark of quality that businesses can trust and rely on.”

Alf Roberts, chief executive of the IET, said: “With IT now playing a crucial role in every aspect of modern life, there is a greater concern about professionalism and ensuring standards within the industry.”

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