International union network backs low-paid cleaners

Contract cleaners at the Houses of Parliament are among the worst paid in Europe, according to new figures revealed by the Transport and General Workers’ Union (T&G) and global union network UNI.

A delegation from UNI has come to London to show its solidarity with the contract cleaners who are in dispute over low pay and poor conditions.

Jack Dromey, T&G deputy general secretary, said talks will take place next week aimed at resolving the dispute, which has already seen two one-day strikes.

The research by UNI shows that the parliamentary cleaners rank among the worst for pay, sick leave, pensions and holidays as they earn just 15p above the National Minimum Wage and their holiday entitlement is the lowest legally possible.

“The civil servants and politicians responsible should be ashamed that low-paid cleaners are at the bottom of the European league,” Dromey said.

The T&G said if next week’s talks do not succeed the threat of further industrial action would remain as an option.

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