Predictive recruitment analytics: are you ready for the future?

Are you able to measure the effectiveness of your new hires? Can you use data to select the best candidates for your organisation? Do you have the tools to project drop-out rates and attrition of your new hires?

Recruitment is seen as a likely area for automation and software is already available to help HR and resourcing professionals work more efficiently.

Artificial intelligence can help throughout the recruitment process, from selection and assessment, to measuring the effectiveness of new hires and helping shape future resourcing strategies.

But what do you feel is important in recruitment data and analytics now? Personnel Today is working with to gauge the importance of data analytics to HR and recruitment professionals, particularly the impact of emerging predictive technologies.

Peter Gold, founder of, explained the background for the survey: “As big data becomes bigger data, recruitment actually gets harder. But by helping recruiters understand how they can use analytics to find information more quickly and easily, the data becomes a help rather than a hindrance.

“The survey will form part of our ongoing series of reports and webinars over the coming months to help HR use data and analytics.”

Participate in the survey now

The survey will be open until August 2016. Respondents will have the option to receive a copy of the survey report and be entered into the prize draw to win £200 of Amazon vouchers.

Personnel Today will use the results of the survey in the autumn as a foundation for future content on this topic.


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